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Principles of Zen Aesthetics

Creating Harmony in Your Zen Corner

 Kanso 簡素 | Simplicity

Embrace simplicity in your Zen Corner. Remove unnecessary clutter, opting for clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Choose products and elements with minimalistic design, allowing each item to stand on its own withoishments.

ut unnecessary embellishments.

Shizen 自然 | Naturalness

Incorporate natural elements to evoke a sense of calm. Bamboo, stones, and plants contribute to a connection with the natural world. Choose products made from natural materials, such as bamboo fountains, to create a grounded and organic atmosphere.

Shibui 渋い Subtle Beauty

Seek beauty in subtlety. Opt for muted and neutral tones in your Zen Corner to create a serene and understated elegance. Select products with timeless designs that exude a quiet beauty, inviting contemplation and reflection.

Fukinsei 不均整 Asymmetry

Embrace asymmetry in your arrangements. Allow for an organic and balanced feel, avoiding overly structured or symmetrical layouts. Arrange your Zen garden stones or decor in a way that feels harmonious without strict adherence to perfect symmetry.

Seijaku 静寂 | Tranquility

Infuse tranquility into your Zen Corner. Choose elements that promote a sense of calm and stillness, such as a gentle bamboo fountain or a softly ringing mindfulness bell. Create a quiet retreat by minimizing noise and distractions, allowing the tranquility of the space to envelop you.

Koko 過去 | Economy

Practice economy in your design choices. Select a few essential items that carry deep meaning rather than overcrowding your space with unnecessary objects. Each product in your Zen Corner should serve a purpose, contributing to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere.

Yugen 幽玄 | Implicity

Embrace the concept of Yugen, where beauty is found in the suggestion rather than the obvious. Leave room for interpretation and imagination in your Zen arrangements. Use indirect lighting or partially concealed elements to create a sense of mystery and depth.

Wabi-Sabi 侘寂 | Rustic Simplicity

Embody the essence of Wabi-Sabi, finding beauty in imperfection and impermanence. Choose items with natural textures and finishes that age gracefully over time. Appreciate the beauty of weathered stones or aged wood, celebrating the journey and stories they carry.

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